Pink: The History of a Punk, beautiful and Amazing Color, Exhibition in FIT New York

The Fashion Institute of Technology shall be looking at pink in every its wonderful aspects with an exhibition tickled pink from the remarkable pieces it is set to display next fall. Frequently associated with innocence and femininity, pink has earned a much higher nuance over the years and all over different cultures. Either alluring and independent, the color is nothing if not divisive, regarded a soft candy and the peak of vulgarity all at once.
The exhibition designs will be minimalist, clean showing off the magic of pink.  The FIT will be delving deeper into the depths of the colors with its exhibition Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Impressive Color, which claims to be one of the year’s finest.

Must See Fashion Exhibitions of 2018

The Must See Fashion Exhibitions of 2018

To commemorate the start of the new year, we keep you informed of the top international must-see fashion exhibitions and runways.


Important Dates

New York Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 8 – 16, 2018
London Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 16 – 20, 2018
Milan Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 21 – 27, 2018
Paris Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 27 – March 7, 2018
New York Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 6 – 14, 2018
London Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 14 – 18, 2018
Milan Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 19 – 25, 2018
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 25 – October 3, 2018

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Eco-friendly clothing labels

If you’ve had that dream or still do, there’s likewise a good chance that you can have created a number of your personal clothing or fashion accessories designs, at the very least on composition. If you have, maybe you have entertained the thought about turning your designs into actual pieces of clothing or fashion accessories?  If you’ve not considered it or if you have yet to do so, it really is something that you may choose to consider doing.

Fashion is certainly about glitz, glamour, drama and setting trends. For a long time fashion designers have achieved this glamour with the aid of leather, fur, silk, cashmere, wool, angora and other fabrics produced from the skin and hair of animals. In recent years however, fashion continues to be increasingly moving towards sustainability. Top fashion designers, discount chains and also couture designers are creating eco-friendly clothing lines. These lines are not about wearing hemp sacks or other boring looks. Instead, designers are creating beautiful looks that enable the fashion conscious to look stylish and polished while putting environmental and social responsibility first. The eco-clothing industry is making moves on several fronts: making clothing beyond environmentally sensitive fabrics, choosing responsible production methods that reduce carbon footprints and making new clothing from old outfits.

You can also use outdated photography associated with current portrait photographs, especially if you making the effort to evoke an antique mood. You don’t even should revert back to a motion picture camera to capture these photographs, however you might want to switch to your white and black setting. And, you’ll definitely need some good lighting.

The procedure for turning garbage into textiles contributes a huge number of chemicals for the environment. According to Earth Pledge however, nearly all a garment’s carbon footprint occurs after it really is purchased. Of course, several garments will be discarded in support of trendier styles when a new fashion season begins. To keep these clothes from choosing landfills some designers are recycling vintage looks into stunning new designs.

Set up your studio, and research front- and backlighting to find out what looks better for your subject. Always have your entire tools accessible for the photo shoot. A tripod is a must. You will need a macro lens more than a standard zoom lens, however, your photographs will surely be vertical than horizontal. Even if the photographer didn’t capture the full body in older fashion images, they caught a variety of it.

Most important European fashion shows of 2017


We are presenting some of the upcoming trade shows during the next year. Described the dates, the places and a brief description of the show.

French Fashion Industry Trade Show 29.03 – 30.03 2017

Biennale internationale des métiers d’art et de la création 03.05 – 08.05 2017

Women’s luxury ready-to-wear fashion event. High-end Womenswear & lifestyle, Prestigious accessories, Couture & fine jewelry 30.09 – 03.10 2017

Tradeshow for Selected Brands. At the crossroads of Fashion, Music, Art and Design, as well as Visual and Performing Arts Sept. 2017

International Shoe Fair 07.02 – 09.02.2017

International Fashion Trade Show 27.01 – 30.01 2017

International Exhibition of Leathers, Accessories, Components, Synthetic Products and Models for Footwear, Leather Goods, Leatherwear 21.02 – 23.02 2017

International event featuring novelties and pret-à-porter collections created by Italian fashion’s most prestigious designers Feb. 2017

International Italian Top-end Textile Fair 01.02 – 03.02 2017

Chunky heels the big success of 70’s are making their comeback

shoe-trend-high-chunky-heelHigh chunky heels are all over on the runways.  From Gucci suede boots, Dolce & Gabbana elegant embroidery Emilio Pucci stacked chunky heel sandals, Prada platform blockages to Max Mara white polished chunky heel shoes, it’s tough to neglect the chunky heels are in trend.
The most incredible chunky heel styles we have seen up until now are the shoes on the runway of Dior Haute Couture Spring. With a fun twist, Dior designer constructed the boots on the heels which are actually made of 4 metal pins welded to a plate on top and the other one at the bottom, showing an easy silhouette in line with the crucial minimalist of a straight chunky heel, couture crafted.
We are just too tired in the stiletto heels, and many kinds of we ‘d like is convenience, convenience and far more convenience! They say high platforms are the best answer, since they offer optimal relaxation and an excellent addition to your appearance, but do not they simply make your appearance so. chubby? This year obtaining the perfect platform is an incredibly simple procedure considering that the designers have actually worked on mixing the leading platform with heels in addition to the responses are amazing chunky heels that cancel an excellent platform along with an amazing appearance.
This summer season we’ll be rocking any analyze whenever with all the supreme comfort of sandals with a chunky heel. When you are purchasing those heels select a color that might be helpful in your daily regimen and another the one which you would wish to stick out. Opt for suede sandals given that they might be an ideal addition to your appearance what so ever! And whether you desire an empty front or potentially a closed one, the designers have you covered just for this season.

European Design and Fashion Exhibitions

Design and Fashion                             
Europe is the world’s most important geographic area where design and fashion is developed. The design industry and fashion Market in Europe is the leading industry in this segment.
If you are in fashion and design industry don’t miss the most important exhibitions in Europe: pencils

Find the most important exhibitions below:


Important exhibition in the European fashion industry can be found at the portal

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