Retail Space Planning: Choosing the Right Shop Fittings is Key

Selecting shop fittings is not only a simple matter. The retail display options you select communicate a good deal to every potential consumer who walks through the door. In other words, they do more than just display your product or service.

They generate an effect

Shop fittings refer to the process whereby your store will get specialized fittings for products, fixtures and trimmings. The design of shop fitting you choose is a very critical part of the fit out. This decision is quite hard when entering inside the retail industry and that’s were the shop fitting experience can be obtained to help with out to pay an advisor. The layout and planning of your store can be created with one of the team’s knowledge and many years of experience.

If you want your products and items to fly off your display units, perhaps you should take a good look at how your products and solutions are shown. Having your merchandise attractively displayed will help make your goods more appealing to your customers, make your store seem cleaner, and help you keep accurate inventories.
It is an important requirement that every retailer should undergo in order to make the best from all available sales space. Some of the most common shop fitting supplies available includes:

Shop Fit out tips to get you ahead

If you own a retail store, presentation is vital. When you have a storefront that isn’t nice to look at, it’s more unlikely that customers will drop in and buy something. When using the right shop fit outs for your store, not only will it be more visually beautiful but also will make the shop more efficient. With quality sales counters, display systems, and shelving you can develop a floor plan that shows what sets your brand apart while increasing sales at the same time.’

Versatile Displays

Exhibiting your product or service in an appealing way is important. While displays may not hold merchandise, they can show off key items to catch the attention of customers. When choosing the right display options, you want something that allows you to place signage, display products in a way appropriate for your store, and take advantage of any space that might be unused. For instance, you could have displayed over your racks and shelves to fill in space and bring in customers.

Wall Space Solutions

You don’t need to display everything on racks. Wall space is also the perfect space to display items when you have the right system in place. Slatwall systems are ideal for this as they display items vertically on the walls, and this can be a space that you aren’t by now taking advantage of. One of the benefits is that you could adapt these to meet your needs. The systems are light and versatile so you can display one item for some time and then make a chance to display something new.


What better method to maximize your space than with a collection of different of sectional and flexible shelving systems? Space saver shelving is fully adjustable and perfect for any application such as displaying merchandise and establishing a place for overstock and general storage. Another very common shelving is the primo metal gondola system. This system’s height can be lowered giving you a clear vision over the stand at your customers, allowing you to eliminate theft


Products islands are another option for an attention snagging center point. These have a tiered structure which facilitate multi-level merchandising. This is designed with a system called infinity – a modular glass and tube system which is often connected to create any configuration.

Front window

Glass shelving is an excellent option should you be trying to create impressive displays or highlight certain products to passing retail traffic and they are generally commonly used in conjunction with cable and rod system also accommodating lighting, this helps the viewer see past the window to other products which will inspire them to walk inside of the shop.

A Great Real Estate Blog With Interior Design Tips

Browsing the web I found this great Real Estate Blog with some interior design and home design tips. the best place to find land to build your dream house.

Found also this great text describing how to design a perfect 100 square meters house.

“Measuring just under 100 square metres, these two chic home tours bring us beautiful room design ideas and creative floor plan inspiration that navigate challenging L-shaped living spaces. Home number one takes us down the modern neutrals track with a grey, black, white and wood tone decor palette but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a run of the mill kind of space.”

Check these posts if you are seeking for building a new home.

Trade Show Industry and Covid 19

A fashion designer from Congo promotes virtual event as Covid 19 hits runway shows

Anifa Mvuemba displayed her recent collection known as ‘Pink Label Congo’ via a virtual show, and the 3D animated happening was viewed by tens of thousands of people who streamed it on her Instagram Live page.

The fashion show sector and the entire trade show industry, has been strike rough by coronavirus lockdowns, and designers go virtual or adjusted into alternative methods to meet limitations put in place to stop the pandemic.

Video fashion show:

So the question – can virtual reality avatars get to saving and turn out to be the option to this fashion turmoil during Covid-19? What can we benefit from the key marketplace players in China?

Post-Covid-19, when the fashion sector forms into the new normal, there’s little question that online systems will play a bigger role. As posting houses continue to have difficulty, it might be time to go eye-catching with in-house online avatars to open doors and access new spectators.

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Salon International de la Lingerie Paris

Exhibition: Paris expo Porte de Versailles

Date: from 18.01 to 20.01.20

Place: 1 place de la Porte de Versailles – 75015 Paris

Le Salon International de la Lingerie is the undoubtedly the most important exhibition for purchasers performing in the Lingerie field. More than three days, the general public will meet in Paris to design, innovate and present their thoughts.

A genuine accelerator for organizations, the salon lets you to explore in only one weekend essentially the most wide-ranging products on the industry.

If you are participating on the show, find out some useful preparation tips below:

It is critical that you do an substantial investigation about exhibit stand manufacturers. Custom stand manufacturers can help you develop an awesome stand to have good results at the exhibition.

They will manage to take into concern factors of building your stand such as your finances, design, and other solutions. If you are looking for made to order exhibition stand manufacturers here are some options for you.

Create a listing of superior building contractors – This is the first activity that you need to perform so as to recognize the ideal solutions to find exhibition stand builders.
Do a qualifications and analyze the internet for exhibition stand contractors.

The right way to check the quality of their labor is by searching previous businesses who have had them to build their stands. But the essential part is that they have good designers to create an amazing exhibition stand design.
Take a look at google images to find nice exhibition stands and their designers.

Ways to Prepare a Fashion Show

Ways to Prepare a Fashion Show

If you’re planning to lift money for your charitable organization with an occasion that will be discussed about for quite a while, why not support a fashion show? Fashion shows acquire a lot attention from the society and can cost little for making.

If arranging an entire fashion show on your own sounds very unlikely, relax. Implement these steps, and you’ll be on your way to a triumphant fashion show, even though you’ve never done it prior:

Set up a Team

You can’t complete an event the size of a fashion show by alone. Hire an marketer, graphic artist, make-up artist, maid, wardrobe specialist, hairdresser and plenty of useful friends. Don’t stress about stuffing your staff with the area’s best talent; simply bring in friends and family. Don’t forget that every work that you haven’t given to someone will come to you. The more prepared your team, the softer your show will be.

Select an Area

The spot for your show have to be big adequately to keep a considerable crowd and a runway. You may need to get inventive as you contemplate local theaters, colleges, neighborhood centers and leisure areas. If you can’t find a place where you can build a conventional runway, just use an present place. Models can walk to the center of the stage just as effortlessly as they can walk to the end of a runway.

Choose the Clothes

It is achievable to put on an whole fashion show without purchasing a single article of clothing? Of course you created your own collection.

Find Models

Many younger people in high school and college are ready to serve as models; all you need to do is inquire them. You may be surprised at the reaction you get by merely submitting an ad or spreading the word at a nearby college. You might also get qualified models to help you by promising photos for their portfolio.

Schedule Your Show

Prior to the show, suit your models to the apparel they will dress in and take photographs. Then, print out the photos and fix them to outfits in the order the models will put on them. By doing this, on the night of the show, the models know specifically what they will use and when they’re meant to appear. It is best to also time your trials to ensure the show runs not any longer than 20 minutes. If you’re using inexperienced models, you will most likely have to invest your trials training them on walking down the runway and striking poses.

Have the Show Moving

If you implement all of these steps, your show must nearly run on its own … that is, until clothing start to malfunction, set pieces come loose. On the night of the show, it is crucial that you stay workable and have an helper director that can release last-minute problems. After the show, relax! Your clean-up crew is getting care of anything.

Possibly you will need to hire an exhibition stand to give marketing material to your visitors, selling gifts and serving drinks, you can get it by contacting exhibition stand hire companies.

Exhibition Stands for Fashion Shows

The fashion industry is affected by many of the current trends and innovation is emphasized in regard to clothing products. New styles and product improvements are continuously being launched.
Because of this, the exhibition stand  becomes an important aspect especially when a large amount of purchasing decisions are done by customers in the exhibition. The way clothing is displayed on stand, may change consumer behavior into a decision at the point of purchase. Read more.

Exhibitions are held in different locations. If you would like attend another trade exhibition in a different location, you should have to prepare for the change in layout in order to adapt to different cultures. With an capable and experienced exhibition stand company you can manage all your exhibition presentations.

Whenever looking for an exhibition stand service provider to design and build your exhibition stand, choose a company that has been in the marketplace for a long time, that can provide the complete services from design, management to build up of the stand on the fairground.

It is important to maximize the potential of a fashion brand in an ultra-competitive
industry. Exhibiting is regarded as the efficient and professional way to showcase
and consequently, gain visibility from an market of key decision makers and
As it allows prospective customers to evaluate and know more
about your products, exhibiting delivers a unique advantage to showcase
successful products and services straight to highly targeted potential
customers. Highlight the characteristics of your product and educate clients on their advantages.

Exhibition Stand Design to Display Fashion Products

An excellent exhibition stand design for fashion products starts on paper, where you work out building specs,  customer-targeted traffic flow, product placement, and more, before ever installing one particular display. Thoughtful planning lets you explore options and develop a booth layout that encourages customers to browse and purchase.

Prior to going into the details of a superb exhibition stand layout, you should consider how to track sales, inventory, along with the effectiveness of your displays and marketing.
Remember, your booth layout guides product placement directs customer flow and defines the overall look and feel of your store, so it deserves plenty of thought. Lots of factors will have an effect on your floor plan choice, for example, the size and shape of your sales floor, the types of products you pretend to display, and even the customers you aspire to attract. Keep these factors in mind as we explore each floor plan option in detail

Remember, your trade show booth design guides product placement directs customer flow and defines the overall look and feel of your stand, so it deserves a good amount of thought. Many elements will affect your floor plan choice, including the size and shape of your stand, the types of products and services you promote, and even the clients you hope to attract. Keep these factors in mind when exploring a design option in greater detail.

Objectives of Good design should be:
– remain consistent with image and strategy
– positively influence visitors behavior
– consider costs versus value

Your exhibition stand is a living, breathing entity that is going to change – frequently – to be able to flourish. It’s the marketing job to produce that happen. If your exhibition stand is filled with the latest and greatest product, but your visits are in a rut, it could be because your customers are bored. They come to your booth not just to buy. They come for ideas and inspiration. And they come to be entertained – even when they don’t buy anything, that experience is what can bring your presentation to life. More info

Pink: The History of a Punk, beautiful and Amazing Color, Exhibition in FIT New York

The Fashion Institute of Technology shall be looking at pink in every its wonderful aspects with an exhibition tickled pink from the remarkable pieces it is set to display next fall. Frequently associated with innocence and femininity, pink has earned a much higher nuance over the years and all over different cultures.
Either alluring and independent, the color is nothing if not divisive, regarded a soft candy and the peak of vulgarity all at once.
The exhibition stand designs shall be minimalist, clean showing off the magic of pink.  The FIT will be delving deeper into the depths of the colors with its exhibition Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Impressive Color, which claims to be one of the year’s finest.

Must See Fashion Exhibitions of 2018

The Must See Fashion Exhibitions of 2018

To commemorate the start of the new year, we keep you informed of the top international must-see fashion exhibitions and runways.


Important Dates

New York Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 8 – 16, 2018
London Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 16 – 20, 2018
Milan Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 21 – 27, 2018
Paris Fashion Week F/W 2018 February 27 – March 7, 2018
New York Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 6 – 14, 2018
London Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 14 – 18, 2018
Milan Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 19 – 25, 2018
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2019 September 25 – October 3, 2018

More results here:

Eco-friendly clothing labels

If you’ve had that dream or still do, there’s likewise a good chance that you can have created a number of your personal clothing or fashion accessories designs, at the very least on composition. If you have, maybe you have entertained the thought about turning your designs into actual pieces of clothing or fashion accessories?  If you’ve not considered it or if you have yet to do so, it really is something that you may choose to consider doing.

Fashion is certainly about glitz, glamour, drama and setting trends. For a long time fashion designers have achieved this glamour with the aid of leather, fur, silk, cashmere, wool, angora and other fabrics produced from the skin and hair of animals. In recent years however, fashion continues to be increasingly moving towards sustainability. Top fashion designers, discount chains and also couture designers are creating eco-friendly clothing lines.

These lines are not about wearing hemp sacks or other boring looks. Instead, designers are creating beautiful looks that enable the fashion conscious to look stylish and polished while putting environmental and social responsibility first. The eco-clothing industry is making moves on several fronts: making clothing beyond environmentally sensitive fabrics, choosing responsible production methods that reduce carbon footprints and making new clothing from old outfits.

You can also use outdated photography associated with current portrait photographs, especially if you making the effort to evoke an antique mood. You don’t even should revert back to a motion picture camera to capture these photographs, however you might want to switch to your white and black setting. And, you’ll definitely need some good lighting.

The procedure for turning garbage into textiles contributes a huge number of chemicals for the environment. According to Earth Pledge however, nearly all a garment’s carbon footprint occurs after it really is purchased. Of course, several garments will be discarded in support of trendier styles when a new fashion season begins. To keep these clothes from choosing landfills some designers are recycling vintage looks into stunning new designs.

Set up your studio, and research front- and backlighting to find out what looks better for your subject. Always have your entire tools accessible for the photo shoot. A tripod is a must. You will need a macro lens more than a standard zoom lens, however, your photographs will surely be vertical than horizontal. Even if the photographer didn’t capture the full body in older fashion images, they caught a variety of it.

Most important European fashion shows of 2017


We are presenting some of the upcoming trade shows during the next year. Described the dates, the places and a brief description of the show.

French Fashion Industry Trade Show 29.03 – 30.03 2017

Biennale internationale des métiers d’art et de la création 03.05 – 08.05 2017

Women’s luxury ready-to-wear fashion event. High-end Womenswear & lifestyle, Prestigious accessories, Couture & fine jewelry 30.09 – 03.10 2017

Tradeshow for Selected Brands. At the crossroads of Fashion, Music, Art and Design, as well as Visual and Performing Arts Sept. 2017

International Shoe Fair 07.02 – 09.02.2017

International Fashion Trade Show 27.01 – 30.01 2017

International Exhibition of Leathers, Accessories, Components, Synthetic Products and Models for Footwear, Leather Goods, Leatherwear 21.02 – 23.02 2017

International event featuring novelties and pret-à-porter collections created by Italian fashion’s most prestigious designers Feb. 2017

International Italian Top-end Textile Fair 01.02 – 03.02 2017

Chunky heels the big success of 70’s are making their comeback

shoe-trend-high-chunky-heelHigh chunky heels are all over on the runways.  From Gucci suede boots, Dolce & Gabbana elegant embroidery Emilio Pucci stacked chunky heel sandals, Prada platform blockages to Max Mara white polished chunky heel shoes, it’s tough to neglect the chunky heels are in trend.
The most incredible chunky heel styles we have seen up until now are the shoes on the runway of Dior Haute Couture Spring. With a fun twist, Dior designer constructed the boots on the heels which are actually made of 4 metal pins welded to a plate on top and the other one at the bottom, showing an easy silhouette in line with the crucial minimalist of a straight chunky heel, couture crafted.
We are just too tired in the stiletto heels, and many kinds of we ‘d like is convenience, convenience and far more convenience! They say high platforms are the best answer, since they offer optimal relaxation and an excellent addition to your appearance, but do not they simply make your appearance so. chubby? This year obtaining the perfect platform is an incredibly simple procedure considering that the designers have actually worked on mixing the leading platform with heels in addition to the responses are amazing chunky heels that cancel an excellent platform along with an amazing appearance.
This summer season we’ll be rocking any analyze whenever with all the supreme comfort of sandals with a chunky heel. When you are purchasing those heels select a color that might be helpful in your daily regimen and another the one which you would wish to stick out. Opt for suede sandals given that they might be an ideal addition to your appearance what so ever! And whether you desire an empty front or potentially a closed one, the designers have you covered just for this season.

European Design and Fashion Exhibitions

Design and Fashion                             
Europe is the world’s most important geographic area where design and fashion is developed. The design industry and fashion Market in Europe is the leading industry in this segment.
If you are in fashion and design industry don’t miss the most important exhibitions in Europe: pencils

Find the most important exhibitions below:


Important exhibition in the European fashion industry can be found at the portal

Specialized exhibition booth design,  trade show booth supply company to preparing your exhibition booth design then you should to do is research through the Web also to reveal some good, professional companies.

Contact the company for recommendations for your booth design and building. While working with a specialist, inspect their experience in addition to their abilities they must also have the ability to offer reputable, imaginative and financially manageable ideas and ways of your own individual.