Trade Show Industry and Covid 19

A fashion designer from Congo promotes virtual event as Covid 19 hits runway shows

Anifa Mvuemba displayed her recent collection known as ‘Pink Label Congo’ via a virtual show, and the 3D animated happening was viewed by tens of thousands of people who streamed it on her Instagram Live page.

The fashion show sector and the entire trade show industry, has been strike rough by coronavirus lockdowns, and designers go virtual or adjusted into alternative methods to meet limitations put in place to stop the pandemic.

Video fashion show:

So the question – can virtual reality avatars get to saving and turn out to be the option to this fashion turmoil during Covid-19? What can we benefit from the key marketplace players in China?

Post-Covid-19, when the fashion sector forms into the new normal, there’s little question that online systems will play a bigger role. As posting houses continue to have difficulty, it might be time to go eye-catching with in-house online avatars to open doors and access new spectators.

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